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Rebrowser is a fast, modern web browser that protects your privacy and freedom.

Most web browsers are designed to track users. Rebrowser is different.

Rebrowser implements experimental techniques based on new research that counter many forms of state surveillance without breaking the modern web experience.

Less Surveillance

Rebrowser doesn't "call home", transmit tracking metadata or perform A/B testing on users. It's thus an excellent choice for NGOs and public sector installations requiring safeguards.

Secure By Default

We've implemented mitigations for dozens of threat models including practical and theoretical side channel attacks and timing attacks based on the latest academic and industry research.

Up To Date

Rebrowser has an evergreen update cycle, which means it'll keep getting faster while gaining support for the latest web standards: Your experience will continually improve over time!


As of May/June 2015 the Rebrowser Project is in incubation. We're looking for feedback from backers, organisations and other partners who share our goals:


Implementation Details

The Rebrowser engine (backend) is a cleanly patched evergreen derivative of the Chromium content engine. The Rebrowser UI component (frontend) is a newly achitected, isomorphic full-stack HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript codebase that closely resembles the Chrome appearance while offering simplified maintainability and flexibility. Both components are developed following best practices and lessons learned while working on some of the largest web browser projects in industry.